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Kings 4, Ducks 0: In which I cheer loudly at my TV

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on January 15, 2010

There was a time not too long ago when Ducks/Kings games were of exceptional importance.  The Kings, you see, had miserable teams, terrible records and no real shot at winning anything.  The Ducks represented redemption.  If we could beat the Ducks, those awful Anaheim Ducks, then the season would be okay.  We can say we beat those God-Damned front-running fans in Anaheim (not that they noticed since they left midway through the second.  Meeting tomorrow.  You understand.)

So imagine how fantastic this rivalry would be if it were also relevant!  And that, my friends, is exactly what happened last night.  The Kings had lost their last three by a single goal, garnering no points and falling quickly in the standings.  The Ducks couldn’t buy a win earlier this year but had been coming on strong lately.  Only four points separated us and we’re past the midpoint of the season.  This game…mattered.

The first two periods were much like any other game.  The penalties were limited.  The Kings scored goals but couldn’t always sustain an attack.  The goals looked more like Hiller’s fault than anything else.  JS Giguere replaced him and gave up a sort-of-I-guess-that-counts goal to Wayne Simmonds which was reviewed and upheld.  Sweet.  4-0 at the end of the second.  I’ll take an insurance goal any day.

And lest I forget, Night Train beat up Ryan Getzlaf.  I stood and applauded in my living room.

Turns out we didn’t need it.  Instead of hockey, the Kings and Ducks decided enough was enough and spent 20 minutes beating the hell out of each other.  No goals, forty nine (49) penalty minutes.

In the thrill and bloodlust, it was easy to overlook Jon Quick’s performance.  Kid was on tonight.  It helps to have good and aggressive defense in front of you and Quick took full advantage, stopping 22 shots en route to the shutout.  It’s entirely possible that Anaheim only crashed the net in order to draw fights, but regardless, a shutout is always impressive.  Way to go, Jon.


Oh, and Matt Kemp signed a two year extension which doesn’t buy out any free agent years.  Whee.

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