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Back from vacation!

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on January 11, 2010

Hey kids, I’m back from vacation!

…what?  I didn’t tell anyone I was on break?  I just stopped writing one day?  Dick move on my part.  Well thanks for hanging in there.

Since I’ve been gone, the Kings have sunk down in the playoff rankings.  Something like two points puts us out of the playoff picture, but as The Royal Half mercifully points out, we’re also four points away from being fourth.  Nothing like an eight day layoff in December to screw everything up.  Also we lost a bunch of games, including the last two to the Blues and Red Wings, the latter despite more than fifty shots on goal.

That being said, we have Ryan Smyth back and he doesn’t seem too worse for wear.  Perhaps because of that, Anze is scoring again.  Drew Doughty might be Jesus.  Wayne Simmonds still rules*.  Jon Quick is maybe, just maybe, better than serviceable.  There’s a whole lot to like.  It’s been a real long time since we’ve been able to watch our team simply because it’s good and they’re fun to watch.  There’s nothing worse than watching a team that you know is terrible for maybe one or two players that might be decent one day but you know damn well aren’t going anywhere (see, eg, Dodgers circa 2005, Kings circa last decade and a half).

*I went to go see the Kings practice last week.  Fun stuff.  Met a lot of players.  Wayne Simmonds was all kinds of cool.  Thanks Wayne!

On the Dodger side of things, there’s been nothing to speak of.  There were some rumors going around that the team wanted to sign Matt Kemp to a long term deal, but it looks as though Kemp is wisely going to go year to year.  Wise for him, at least.  Kid will be getting 12 mil by his last arb year.

By now, the big money free agents have signed.  Bay went to the Mets and he’s the perfect example of the player that Minaya likes; past his prime and expensive.  I was surprised to see Holliday end up back with the Cards, especially for that kind of money.  That’s Albert’s money.

Even the Giants have gotten into it a little.  Their latest move was to sign Aubrey Huff to a one year deal worth three mil.  Am I telling you that Brian Sabean signed an over the hill veteran for way more than he’s worth to replace a cheaper in house option?  Why yes I am.  Will wonders never cease?

Oh, and this just in, the Dodgers signed Nick Green to a minor league deal.  Yeah I don’t care either.  If you want a no-hit, good defense shortstop, we already have one.  The difference is that the one we already have is about seven years younger and might actually have some upside left.  It may also be a set up to trade Chin Lung Hu.  We’ll see.


And I think that gets us caught up on the major stories.  The Sharks come to Los Angeles tonight.  We’ve handled them very well so far this season, including a very satisfying beating last week.  Will it continue?  Yes, yes it will.  Kings beat Sharks 5-1, goals by Anze, Smyth and Simmonds.

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