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Kings lose in Vancouver…again. Kings win in Edmonton…again.

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on December 16, 2009

So there’s been some real stuff happening lately.  The Kings lost to Vancouver…again…and managed to snag a victory from Edmonton last night.

Okay seriously, why can’t we beat the Canucks?  Up until recently I was convinced that they were a real good team.  They batted us around every time we played them, so I figured they must be pretty good, right?  Well they’re 10th in the Western Conference but have managed a respectable 19-14 record, with no overtime points.  Henrik Sedin has a ridiculous 42 points, prompting such hacky articles on their websites asking the question “Has Henrik become the new ‘clutch’ Sedin?”*  They have three other guys with at least ten goals.  A 104/85 for and against ratio probably indicates that they should actually have won a few more than they have.  So they’re a decent team.

*If by ‘clutch’ you mean ‘productive’ than I say your answer is a pretty solid yes.  And by the way, haven’t we stopped using the word ‘clutch’ by now?  In baseball, it has become code for “this article has no substance.”  Maybe hockey journalism needs its own Fire Joe Morgan.

The thing is, the Kings just look awful against them.  Every freakin’ time.  In this last misadventure, they managed one goal against Luongo and it’s actually pretty amazing that they got that many.  There was no sustained offense to speak of.  The Kings could barely get it out of their zone.  A patented neutral-zone turnover by Doughty led to a goal and was further indication that the Kings couldn’t get it together.

My point is that LA should at least be able to put up a fight.  The Canucks are thoroughly decent, but not spectacular.  This ain’t Detroit from two years ago, kids.

And on the flip side, the Kings looked pretty mediocre against the Oilers but managed to sneak away with a win, thanks to Sean O’Donnell’s goal.  Who saw that coming, huh?  But it sure came at the right time, as the game was tied leading into the latter half of the third period.  The Kings dodged yet another overtime for two points and now have an even record on the roadtrip.  This is significant because, well, winning on the road is always significant.  But also because this is their last trip without Anze’s boy, Ryan Smyth.   Calgary and Phoenix should be tough games.  The Flames are legitimately good and Phoenix’s Shane Doan more often than not manages to screw us over even though he’s not having such a great season.  So pulling away with at least one win out of four is something to hang on to when Jerome Iginla is completing a hat trick with six minutes left in the second period.


Separate post for Juan Pierre?  Yeah.  Separate post for Juan Pierre forthcoming.

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