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A few quick hits: Rule 5 draft, Kings beat Sharks

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on December 10, 2009

Jon Weisman has the Rule 5 draft nailed down today.  MSTI offers thoughts on it as well.  Me personally?  I know nothing about these guys.  The numbers look good on the players we acquired.  They just happen to be a bit old for the position, ie 22 or so.  Rule 5 is always a bit of a dumpster dive so it fits right in with the Dodgers plan so far this off-season.

Jamie Hoffman, who did so well in the minors last year, is now a Yankee.  I have to believe they did this to put more pressure on Johnny Damon to sign at a lower rate than he originally wanted.  Hoffman would be a good fit on an AL club while his power will be amplified at the new Yankee stadium.

I assume everyone is celebrating the Kings win over the Sharks last night.  The highlights were Anze Kopitar’s first goal in 45 games (I’ll check the numbers) and the surprisingly adequate play of Erik Ersberg.  Sure he still looks like he’s 12, but aside from one “what the hell was that” moment, the kid did fine.  Also, Drew Doughty is amazing.

Oh, and Dustin Brown scored the winner in overtime.  My hockey buddy swears that Greene said, “It’s about fucking time, you fucking jackass!” to Brown after he scored.  I hope it’s true because, seriously Dustin, it’s about fucking time.


This makes me happy.  Thanks SoSG.

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