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Kings 6, Senators 3: LA fields local High School team, beats Ottawa

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on December 4, 2009

I guess you could say that there’s some positive here.  The Kings didn’t have their best and yet managed to win.  The problem is that they didn’t win because they played better.  They won because Ottawa played even worse.

There were bright spots of course and one can never be too mad about a win.  Randy Jones buried a goal the first minute of the game.  Allegations of sexual offenses aside, he’s a real nice player to have around.  That’s four goals for him in limited playing time.  The question is whether or not he’ll be back on the bench once Scuderi comes back.

Our hero Wayne Simmonds continued his awesomeness.  A penalty shot in the first gave the Kings a two goal lead.  I don’t have much to say about the shot itself except that Simmonds was so in command of the situation that he made it look routine.

The finest moment of the night came in the second period after the aforementioned two goal lead disappeared.  Stoll won a faceoff in the Sen’s zone and pulled it right to Kopitar, who made a nice, easy pass to Doughty who absolutely torched it into the net.  It was a great sequence, and one of the few times in the evening where it looked as though the Kings had actually skated together before.

Also, Justin Williams got two goals in the final minutes.  No one seemed to care, least of all Williams.

But the story for the night is the lousy team play, and rightly so.  The only reason the Kings came out with a victory is because the Senators happened to have a bad night too.  It’s like both pitchers not having their best stuff.  The game turns in to batting practice and whoever manages to have the highest score at the end of nine “wins” the game.  That’s what this game felt like.  Granted, the defense did play a bit better in the third period.  But this game can be chalked up to some good luck in our favor.

Life in Hockeywood is encouraged by the secondary scoring.  There was plenty to be had in this one.  Yet I’m not ready to declare the matter closed just yet.  I’d like to see some secondary scoring against a more unified defense.  A step in the right direction though, no doubt about it.

One thing we both agree on, however:

Wayne Simmonds has become mine and everyone’s favorite player, and not just because he’s scored four goals in the past five games. The way he plays the game with such energy and skill gives Kings fans reason for relief. It’s his work ethic, of constantly pushing and playing that makes him a solid player.

Simmonds has definitely become the player to step up in the absence of the first line.  It’s not surprising either considering how good he played at the end of last year.  Wayne is a real quality guy with all kinds of upside.  This isn’t his 25 goal season, but at this rate it’ll happen as soon as 2010-11.  If that were his only quality, I’d be thrilled and there’s much more to like about him too.  He creates a ton of opportunities in enemy territory.  Look for his production to continue at a similar rate as long as he’s got guys on his line to exploit those opportunities.


Next game Saturday in LA against Jon Hamm’s St. Louis Blues.

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