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I’m thankful for Anze Kopitar

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on November 26, 2009

…even if he didn’t get a point last night and has been effectively stifled by the competition since Smyth went down.  Anyways…

A very happy Thanksgiving to all who stumble across this humble Dodgers/Kings blog.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll be enjoying some great food, excessive drinks and cheering on your fantasy players.  (Go Aaron Rodgers!).  There’s also a Kings game tonight which features recent first rounder Brayden Schenn!  Loktionov suffered a horrible separated shoulder in last night’s victory over the Oilers so it looks like we’ll try again with another new kid against Vancouver.  Here’s hoping he survives.  As far as last game goes, goals by Greene (swear) and the long missing Wayne Simmonds with an empty net goal by Frolov to seal it.  That second period was wicked, violet and filled with penalties, but a solid penalty-killing unit combined with some half-assed play by Edmonton made sure we survived.

Now get off the internet and go have fun.

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