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Link day at Dodgers, Kings, etc.

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on November 20, 2009

Ryan Smyth (or lack thereof) is the story of the day for the Kings.  A slow hot stove for the Dodgers has given everyone ample time to work on their own off-season review projects.  So let’s see what’s happening around the internets:

Memories of Kevin Malone:  Deserves top billing today simply for the sheer length of the post.  In this one, Chad (Kensai?) discusses what he would do if he were the GM.  Usually when you see these sorts of posts they feature absurd trades like “Melky Cabrera and Francisco Cervelli for Matt Cain,” but as is becoming the standard throughout the Dodger blog universe, it’s well-reasoned, rational and well done in every respect.

Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness:  He reviews each and every player so we don’t have to.  Each player is given a grade based upon expectations coming in to the season.  Valedictorians include Matt Kemp and Randy Wolf.  Doomed to repeat the third grade are Cory Wade and Russell Martin.

A Queen Among Kings:  Along with a review of the Flyers game comes a lamentation for the loss of Ryan Smyth.  As the title of the post indicates, Kopitar truly does need his Smytty.

Battle of California:  Rudy Kelly looks at the Flyers game focusing on our goalie.  Combined with the overall numbers, Rudy Kelly concludes that Jon Quick just ain’t doing well right now.

Dodger Thoughts:  In an interesting piece of research, Jon Weisman has been going over the best and worst of the 2000’s.  The most recent (linked) looks at the worst hitters.  I could have sworn Cesar Izturis was better than that.

Sons of Steve Garvey:  Turns out there’s a little bit of hot stove happening.  Orel points us to some news that the Dodgers probably won’t be pursuing John Lackey.  Fantastic!  The last thing I want is a past-his-prime starter dragging down our payroll for the next five years.  Let the Yankees have him.

Alright, that should keep everyone busy for the day.

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