Regal Blue

Kings 2, Tampa Bay 1 (shootout!)

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on November 16, 2009

Wow, what a great game that was!  I’m not even being sarcastic.  That was a well played game on both sides as evidenced in the box score.  Considering Friday’s disaster, everything about this game was a welcome sight for Kings fans.  Sure the scoring didn’t rebound but this time it wasn’t due to a shaky freshman goalie having the game of his life.  The Lightning put on some great defense and Nittymaki deserves a ton of credit.

But you know who else deserves a ton of credit?  Jon Quick.  In a fantastic rebound game, Quick made some exquisite stops (at least five of the 28 were exquisite) and along with his solid defense allowed only one goal the entire game, including an OT and a shootout.*

*I won’t comment on the alleged “interference.”  I take good calls and won’t argue.

Drew Doughty buried one for the Kings’s only goal of the night in regulation, with an assist by Kopitar that extended his league leading points total to 31.  He also scored on the shootout to give us the win.  And considering Tampa Bay ain’t in our conference, an overtime win is literally as good as a regulation win.

The Kings have tonight off and head to Florida for the last game of the roadtrip.  The Panthers, as the standings indicate, are not particularly good at playing hockey.  Of course that doesn’t mean they aren’t great at other things, just that skating, shooting and winning hockey games probably aren’t their forte.  Regardless, they have jerseys and a rink so there’s a game to be played.

Seriously though, they’re coming off wins against Boston and the Islanders so it’ll be up to us to make sure winning doesn’t become a habit in Florida.


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