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Kings and ‘Canes tonight! Watch Jussi Jokinen break his arm on a faceoff!

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on November 12, 2009

As is normal in the course of a long season, the Kings have looked just…just lousy the past couple of games after a long point streak culminating with an energetic win over Pittsburgh.  Tonight is a golden opportunity to turn it around.  Or, failing that, to at least put one win in a series of six otherwise consecutive losses.

The Hurricanes are a train wreck.  They’re so bad that Cam Ward stabbed himself with a skate just to keep from racking up losses on his stat sheet.*  Two wins this season.  Two.  None on the road.  About a week ago an article on their website cited bad forechecking, inconsistent offense with a propensity for turnovers, and injuries as some of the main culprits of their horrible badness.  You always hate to blame injuries for this level of play but seriously these guys are turning into the Mets.  Rumor has it they’re planning on signing Fernando Tatis to tend goal tonight.

*Watch the video again.  You’ll see it.

As for the Kings, nothing is really going particularly wrong.  It’s just not going particularly right either.  Rudy Kelly at BoC has a nice analysis if you want specifics.  The game against Chicago had more bright spots than I think might be immediately apparent.  They played a super physical game and played them even until the third period when two power play goals sank them like a stone.  But let’s not forget that the ‘Hawks are a very solid team.  Patrick Kane solid.  In many ways the Kings’ play against Chicago represented a bit of a bounce-back after that unquestionably horrible showing in Minnesota.

And I have to take a second to address Captain Brown’s diving penalty.  Diving, Dustin? Really?  Children look up to you.  You let them down that night.


All that said, expecting a decisive win tonight is pretty reasonable.  I know no one pays attention to the Kings but it really feels like everyone is watching when we lose.  It’s fuel for confirmation bias for the rest of Hockeyworld.  So let’s not give these fictional Kings-Haters any satisfaction!

Prediction: Kings 4, ‘Canes 1.  Dustin scores two.

UPDATE:  Okay it turns out Ersberg is starting tonight.  No one panic.  Things are gonna be fine.  We’re all gonna be fine.

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