Regal Blue

So this is for real, yeah? Kings beat Pens 5-2.

Posted in Uncategorized by gklarsen on November 7, 2009

Everyone agrees that last night was awesome, right?  I mean there’s literally nothing not to like about that game.  Our hero Anze scores two, including one half a minute into the game.  The second and third lines got into the scoring as well with Stoll, Brown and Zeus knocking in one each.  They penalty killed.  The defense looked great all game, highlighted by Jon Quick’s stellar performance.  Sidney Crosby got nothin’ ‘cept a bloody nose.  Chris Kunitz is still a douche.

There’s been some discussion on what exactly this game meant to the Kings.  Terry Murray made a big show about not taking it more seriously than any other game, although anyone that’s watched sports for more than eight minutes knows a bet-hedge when they hear one.  Was this a ‘statement’ game?  Are the Kings now worthy of the mantle of national relevance?

No, probably not.  At least not much more than they were before.  As awesome as this game was, it was still just a game and the Pens are still a team destined to fail occassionally.

Instead, the focus should be on the absolute electricity the team played with virtually all night.  This team could beat the Pens, sure, but they could have beat any team last night.  They beat the other team into utter submission.  By the middle of the second it looked like only a matter of time before the Kings would wear them down.  No team could withstand that sort of ferocity, fluidity and (if I may be so hack-y) confidence.  And four goals later, one period later, that was game.

In that regard, the third period was simply the fall of the hammer.  It was coming all along.  And the crowd fucking loved it.  A friend of mine at the game told me it was like a playoff game.  The energy and passion were palpable.  It was an arena filled with fans who haven’t tasted success in years and years, now viewing a team that could play at such a high level not just occasionally but with alarming regularity.  Vin Scully likes to say that victory delayed is all the sweeter.  Obviously this ain’t no stanley cup, but the honest excitement is victory enough.

This is not a great team because it beat the Penguins, but because it can play like that night after night, no matter the opposition.  Surely there will come a low point.  It may happen in the near future.  But through 16 games this season it is becoming more difficult to doubt that what we’re seeing is the real thing.


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