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Posted in Sports by gklarsen on November 5, 2009

…And not too much has changed.  Kings keep winning, or at least getting points.  Dodgers still eliminated.  Jeff Dunham is still inexplicably successful.

No posts lately but I have an excuse this time.  I was out of town and didn’t want to post.  So there.


I find that it is more difficult to write about hockey and other topics.  Baseball lends itself to an easy narrative structure.  For example, it’s far easier to communicate a rally and time in baseball:  Dodgers scored four in the fifth, three on a bomb by Matt Kemp.  With hockey it sounds a little awkward going in to any time-specific detail:  Kings score three in the second, Kopitar scores two seven minutes apart, first one at 8:29.  That doesn’t sound good.

I suppose I could write about the world series.  Those are, after all, legitimate baseball games.  But there’s not much to care about and even less to cheer for.  The Yankees have an insufferable air of entitlement, while cheering for the Phils would be like defending the guy that mugged you at trial.  Humiliating and degrading.  These are two big, giant east coast teams each with a whole ton of money and resources at their disposal.  There were no surprises here.  There is no economic underdog really, and if we consider the Phils the underdog simply due to the disparity, we’re ignoring the fact that the Phils still have one of the top payrolls in baseball.

And on a personal level it feels like this is what the baseball media wanted all along.  That bugs me.  If ratings were the only concern, than this would be the world series every year.  This is a very tangential point and I really run the risk of sounding like a Plaschke-y type by lamenting two big market teams going for the title.  After all, the Phils and Yankees were arguably the best two teams in baseball.  If anything the system sorta worked.

Still, I’d have been more interested if literally any other team were involved.  Except for the Red Sox.  Pirates and A’s in 2010!!!


In other news, Vicente Padilla’s bodyguard shot him in the leg.  Or maybe it was a hunting accident.  It may have been at a shooting range.  It may have been self-inflicted.

The wonderful Walkoff Walk has the summary.


Speaking of Walkoff Walk, I’ve been noticing that some of the best blogs have fantastic names in the same vein as a walkoff walk.  They typically denote strange results or general futility (futility infielder, for example, by the BP writer Jay Jaffe).  Player to be Named later is another example.

It’s with that spirit of one-liner hilarity that I am determined to come up with a better name for this blog.  Third Foul Bunt?  Could use some tweaking but there’s a bit to work with.  Waiver Wire Acquisition?  Might be good since it covers more than baseball.  There’s probably already a host of blogs using the semi-mythical “Replacement Player” but I’ll check.  If not, I’m all over it.


I’ll watch the world series tonight because I’m back in Syracuse, it’s Wednesday, and there’s nothing better on.  I may even write about it.

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