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What the hell was that?? Dodgers 0, Phillies 11

Posted in Sports by gklarsen on October 19, 2009

For two reasons, this will be a relatively short post.  First, I hate to dwell on such a beating.  This thing was painful to watch and I wasn’t really paying much attention after the fifth anyways.  Second, there’s only one real point I wanted to make regarding NLCS game 3.

From the venerable Dodger Thoughts comes the sobering thought that it was “One long game, but just a game.”  Indeed that’s really the best way to think of such a train wreck.  The point I want to add is that this game was better being a blow out than, say, a 3-0 loss.  From the first inning on, it was abundantly clear that for whatever reason Kuroda did not have it.  Cliff Lee was absolutely dealing on the other side of things.  The hole Kuroda dug in the first was likely going to be all it took.

As some ballplayers and managers tend to say, a blowout is in some ways easier to take than a nail-biter that goes the wrong way.  There’s no questions of what if this play went another way, we’d gotten that call, some player had managed to come through, etc etc.  It’s a loss.  Move on.

Furthermore, imagine we had drawn Joe Blanton or JA Happ.  We can score runs off those guys no question, but not 11 runs.  We could have had Kershaw with his best stuff on the hill and we still probably would have lost it.  It’s best to think that the game was not going to go our way and that Kuroda’s implosion is simply an afterthought.

This game is ultimately not more than a loss.  Yeah it sucks.  It was painful, but it’s just one loss, and the series is still only 2-1.  “There is ample time to come back.  Game 3 was certainly awful for the Dodgers, but they have an immediate chance to erase that memory tonight,” says TrueBlueLA.

Finally, from Weisman once again:

The 2009 National League Championship Series is back to being an uphill battle for the Dodgers, but with Randy Wolf going against Joe Blanton on Monday, Los Angeles would seem to have a fair chance of evening things up. And then it’d be a best-of-three with the final two in Los Angeles, giving the Dodgers a few days to figure out what they’re going to do about Clifton Phifer Lee.

Things sound a whole lot better from that perspective.  No reason to fear.

UPDATE:  Memories of Kevin Malone has a good, rehabilitative post about yesterday’s disaster.

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