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The Phillies beat the Rockies. Colorado will probably be fine.

Posted in Uncategorized by gklarsen on October 13, 2009

As you may or may not have heard, the Phillies won.  They beat a team called the Rockies.  You may have heard of someone named Todd Helton.  He’s on that team.  No, not him…no, that’s Jeff Francoeur.  That’s not even close.  Just…okay, just trust me.  The Rockies took on the Phillies in the NLDS, and in a result virtually everyone expected, the Phillies took the series.  It ended up being 3 games to 1, but while the games were close, another Phillies appearance in the NLCS never really seemed in question.

Listen, when your lineup goes Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard, Werth and four other dudes, you’re gonna beat a lineup whose first baseman is a corpse of his former self and a third baseman who is at significant risk to be nontendered and a shortstop…okay I won’t lie to you, Tulo is pretty great.  135 OPS+?  Jesus, that’s a hell of a year…


The Rockies actually broke a tie in the eighth and looked like they might actually go on to extend the series to five games.  Unfortunately for them and for the baseball viewing public, Ryan Howard plated two and Werth scored him to put the Phillies up by one in the top of the ninth.  Houston Street managed to retire the first two batters with ease but just fell apart against superior hitting.  Maybe it was the cold.*  It was below freezing by the end of things.  Long story short, Phillies go up by one, Colorado can’t come back in the bottom of the ninth.  Scott Eyre got the first two outs of the inning, but because Charlie Manuel is a senile old man he brought in his “closer” Brad Lidge for the final out.  He struck out Tulo to end the game.

*I’m watching the ‘Hawks/Flames on TV as I write this.  The ‘Hawks just won in overtime.  Biggest comeback in Chicago Blackhawks history.  Have you seen Patrick Kane?  Have you seen Patrick Kane?

Guess what the announcers were talking about the whole time?  Yep.  Now that the Phillies have their closer back, the sky’s the limit!  I don’t need to go into why that’s insane.  Just that the premise of the statement and the overall truth of the statement offered are both just….just wrong.  A closer is just a closer these days.  One inning.  Not all that awesome you guys.  Second, he faced one batter!  One batter!  This ain’t exactly Randy Johnson coming in on five minutes’ rest to dominate in relief in the world series.  Ugh.  They need their narratives so badly.

All this to say that there’s gonna be a rematch in the NLCS this year.  Phillies and Dodgers, y’all!  As I wrote to a friend of mine, I fear no Phillie.  And I stick by that boastful text message.  I’ll come up with reasons behind my beliefs in the coming days, but for now I’m encouraged by Clayton Kershaw’s showing in the DS, the fact that Cole Hamels just ain’t all that awesome this year, and Vicente Padilla’s strangely dominant performance.  Chad Billingsley will have to make an appearance.  Yeah I may be a fanboy but I believe in Chadley.  Even if it’s five outstanding innings, our bullpen is terrifying and filled with left handers.

There was also a Kings game today.  I should really start putting these in separate posts.  Regardless of my blogging ineptitude, the Kings beat the lowly Islanders 2-1.  Anze Kopitar, who we’ve already established is the best hockey player in the history of ever, scored a goal along with Drew Doughty.  Solid penalty killing once more from our boys.  Granted the Blues and Islanders aren’t exactly the most epic opponents, the quality of play has been consistently excellent lately.

Not only that, Jon Quick was just named second star of the week by the NHL!  He deserves it.  He shares the honor with the non-injured Sedin and the resurgent Dany Heatley.  Congratulations, Jon!

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