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Posted in Uncategorized by gklarsen on October 10, 2009

This was actually an e-mail I wrote to a couple friends of mine two nights ago when the Angels were playing the Red Sox in game one of the ALDS.  It reads like a lousy blog post, possibly because it’s essentially polemic and written in my shitty apartment in Syracuse at midnight.  So here it is.


First off, Joe Posnanski wrote about the TBS announcers far better than I did.  Read it here.

But the reason I’m writing this at midnight eastern has much to do with the Angels/Red Sox game.  Full disclosure: both of those teams can eat a dick.  I basically watch Sox games to see Takashi Saito.  I love that man.  More than I love Andre Ethier.  At Vero Beach I said to him, “Domo Arrigato gozaimashita” after he signed my baseball.  He said to me in a super Japanese accent, “You’re wercome.”  (He’s still not good at the ‘L’s, you see).  Yes I’ve told that story about a dozen times but whatever.

And because today just seems to be the best day in sports history (editor’s note: the Dodgers had already won and the Kings beat the Wild), Saito got to come in and play.  Naturally, Terry Francona brought him in with no outs and the bases loaded and the Sox down 3-0.  Francona doesn’t seem to trust Saito and never has.  He rarely puts him in high leverage situations with the team tied or ahead despite the fact that Saito is having a very respectable year.

So the commentators who were either drunk, high or bored off their asses wondering just how the hell they managed to get these jobs, thought they’d have lots to say about the “japanese import.”

Quote from the color commentator:  “Saito, you know, he won’t beat you with his fastball.”

…what?!  And no, there was no qualifying statement.  There was no, “because he’ll make you look bad with his wicked slider.”  Nope.  Just left it at that.  If you were watching, you saw the radar reading at 95.  He spots it.  It has movement.  He’s brilliant.  He beats people with his fastball.  Would you like proof?  His fastball…his fucking fastball…was worth eight runs last year.  This year, in limited innings because Francona doesn’t like him, it was worth four runs (it was worth 20…20!!!! in 2007) above average.  His slider actually cost him runs.  -2 above average this year and rates consistently lower than his fastball.  Yes, that’s right, not only does Takashi Saito beat people with fastballs, that’s the best way he knows how to do it!

You know how long that took me to look up?  Fifteen seconds.  God damn it.  You don’t even have to look up statistics.  Read a scouting report.  Watch a video.  Ask someone who saw the guy pitch!  It’s like they’re actively not trying to do a good job.

Good-natured customer:  “Hello there, barrista.  May I have a cappuccino?”
TBS announcers:  “Here you are, sir.”
Good-natured customer:  “…what is this?”
TBS announcers:  “Oh I basically put dirt in a paper cup and put year old whip cream on top.  That’s what that smell is.”
Good-natured customer:  “Umm…I’m not sure..”
TBS announcers:  “You see, this drink plays the game the right way.  Shows a lot of grit and hustle in big situations.  Real gamer.”

Alright thanks for reading my hatred.

As you were.

p.s. The Angels are not ‘playing their hearts out for Nick.’  That’s insane.

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