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We need the glory

Posted in Uncategorized by gklarsen on October 9, 2009

Some games, some events are not easily amenable to such a coarse thing as language.

Sons of Steve Garvey probably came closest:


That’s certainly what I was saying and thinking when it happened.

The first three batters of the inning all had their stories written for them.  Andre Ether, a statistical aberration of a hero: obviously he would get it started, maybe just with a soft single, a walk, something to get it going.  Manny Ramirez had an opportunity for redemption as so many (unjustly I might add) have wondered if age was finally wearing on him, doubting that he could repeat any playoff prowess he was notorious for.  James Loney seemed to single-handedly propel the Dodgers into the NLCS last year with that grand slam which is still the best home run I have ever seen.

…Ethier flew out, Manny flew out, James aboard on an error?

That’s not the story line.  That’s not the story line at all.  Instead, Blake works a nine pitch walk, Belliard hits a solid single to score Pierre (nee Loney).  A wild pitch sends them to second and third, Martin draws a four pitch walk and up walks Mark Loretta to get a soft hit to center field.  Game over.

The whole event seemed like such an anomaly.  From the error to Loretta’s hit, none of it seemed by the numbers.  The hit itself, a weak liner, is luck itself.  That kind of contact, that kind of swing, is not supposed to fall in, but rather find gloves and produce outs.  With Loretta’s awful second half, perhaps it was all that could have happened.

And now we head to St. Louis and Padilla’s start doesn’t loom quite so large as it did in the eighth inning.

Lost in the moment is the fact that Kershaw really is as good as we think he is.  There’s plenty to write about him but for now, it’s all glory, man.

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