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Kings win, Twins win

Posted in Uncategorized by gklarsen on October 7, 2009

We were two for two last night in sporting events.  The Twins indeed beat the Tigers in extra innings.  Without getting into details, it was a really great game and the better team won at home.  From everything I’ve read, the Metrodome is just an awful place to see baseball but it’s got to be pretty cool for the home fans to see such a run in its last season.

Although it probably won’t be quite as special when the Yankees use it to finish off a sweep.

The second sporting victory of the day went to the LA Kings, beating the hated Sharks 6 – 4.  At one point the Kings blew a 4 – 0 lead but scored a couple in the third to put it away.  Jon Quick is better than this and it deserves to be mentioned that the four goals against were all power play.  The sentiment of the game was summed up beautifully by Rudy Kelly of Battle of California as follows:

I don’t want to get excited, but Anze Kopitar is the greatest player in the world.

Yes he is.  Yes he is.

All kinds of playoff baseball tonight.  I predict I’ll not pay much attention in class and go to bed too late because the Dodgers play until one in the god damn morning on the east coast.  Worth it.


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