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Tigers and Twins tie breaker

Posted in Uncategorized by gklarsen on October 6, 2009

TBS is broadcasting the tiebreaker game tonight, so at least there’s baseball before hockey. As a national broadcast, TBS rolls out the typical announcing team of dubious qualification and merit.* I’m not sure who the play by play guy is, but he sounds like he graduated magna cum laude from the Steve Physioc school of mindless broadcasting. He’s with Gary Darling, who I don’t typically mind so much when he’s calling games for the Mets.

*I read that the game was on TBS and feared the worst: Tim McCarver. Or is he just Fox now?

I don’t have too much affection one way or the other. Joe Mauer is a thrill so it’d be nice to see him in the post season. But Detroit, Porcello and Jackson in particular, made wonderful contributions to my fantasy team.

However I’m cheering for the Twins tonight for one simple reason: so announcers can stop talking about how the Tigers are so good for the depressed, down trodden city of Detroit.

I swear to god, every single bad national announcer talks about how tough Detroit has it and how great it is that they have a baseball team to rally around. First of all, how god damn insulting is that? Hey Detroit! We know you got screwed over by unregulated businesses, an automobile manufacturing base that’s been going overseas for decades, and a crime rate which rivals Baghdad but isn’t baseball a good ‘ol American refuge? Something you guys can really rally behind while you wallow in your shit hole of a city?

I understand the announcers are just trying to create a narrative. That’s what they do. They’ve got three hours of air time to fill and I sincerely doubt they know much about the team they’re covering. Do you think Gary Darling knows anything about the Detroit Tigers? No, of course not. Nor does the other guy in the booth. So there’s only so much “Wow, Mauer is really having an MVP-caliber season” and “Miguel Cabrera puts a charge into every ball he hits” you can say before you’ve gotta change it up a little. In that regard, I don’t typically begrudge the national announcers for extra-baseball comments.

But this whole “gosh how great that Detroit has a second tier team like the Tigers to make them feel all warm inside” stuff has to stop.

So, in summary, Go Twins!

UPDATE:  It turns out it was Chip Caray.  Yep.  Chip Caray.  He’s the lousy play by play guy.  You’re no good, Chip.  Please do not call the Dodgers tonight.

Which reminds me: Vin Scully will be doing the radio broadcast.  Hopefully there’s a way to get it through internet.

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